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The Baptist Mission of Zambia

Zambian children enjoy a sugarcane treat


   Welcome to the Baptist Mission of Zambia website.  We hope you'll take the time to browse around the site.  Here you can learn more about the people of Zambia, where there are more than 72 language/tribal groups.  You can also learn about how God's working here among the people, and the part he's letting us play in it.


A beautiful testimony

Featured Work Story

Some of the missionaries in Zambia donated clothes to the Baptist Seminary in Lusaka this past week.  We also had two suitcases to give away so I had each lady choose a number between 1-30 and the two who were closest won.  One of the women was especially excited about winning.  She said she wanted to share a testimony.  Just the day before she was praying because her son is going away to boarding school but she didn't know how she was going to pack h...

From Zumbo

Featured People Group

About the Chikunda
The Chikunda people were not formerly a tribe. Chikunda is a word for soldier; the Portuguese used these people as soldiers on their plantations. Over the years as the Portuguese influence waned between Tete and Zumbo, several slaves ran away and several of the warlike soldiers who had traded their services for helping their masters catch slaves also ran away. They were warlike and over the years raided neighboring tribes like the Nsenga and Soli and captured wives. They carved out a small secti...

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